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We are families belonging to the Pacific coast of Nariño (San Juan de la Costa in Tumaco - Nariño, Colombia). We cultivate coconut and cocoa in an agroecological manner. With the cultivated coconut, we produce cosmetic and edible bioproducts, which are organic, ecological, made with medicinal plants, free of chemicals, without preservatives or additives.

Within the cosmetic line, we produce:

- Virgin coconut oil

- Soaps

- Vegetable shampoos

- Lip moisturizers

- Natural deodorants.

In the edible line, we produce:

- Coconut oil

- Snacks with dehydrated coconut and organic cocoa

- 100% cocoa almond

- Ground cocoa

- Chocolate with 80% cocoa coverage.

In Tumacoco, we innovate by preserving and rescuing ancestral recipes from families on the Pacific coast of Nariño.

Tumaco is a certified Green Business brand, which is local, agroecological, artisanal, healthy, natural, and sustainable."

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